BK8 Trusted Online Casino Gambling Site

BK8 is greatest online gambling brand that pulls in more than a large number of players encompassing Asian nations to join and play. As the authority specialist of significant betting brands, we give a gigantic scope of club games that convey the superior experience for every players, even just playing at home or on your Smart telephone. It offers you the opportunity to get up to speed every one of the awesome advancements each second. We should look at them today and make your days extraordinary.

What Is BK8?

You can simply call it a platform born out of curiosity for the future of internet technology. BK8 was also created due to the lack of a reliable system for online gambling. This single platform founded way back in 2014 changed the way the world sees online gambling today.

Formerly known as ”Bolaking casino” when it was founded, it started as a sportsbook website and gradually advanced into a reputable online gambling platform.

Today BK8 is the Biggest & Most Trusted Online Casino in Asia, it offers its customers the best betting experience, they partner with the most popular game providers to ensure there is a game for everyone on their platform.

You can call them as the best online casino in Asia because they strive to make gambling convenient for their members. 


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Online Slot Games

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Why BK8 Is The Best Online Casino Platform?

A gambling site that provides satisfaction to its old and new users today deserves this award if you ask me. BK8 is doing well in providing its services to the public, and that is why people see them as the best online casino in Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more.

They are the most trusted online casino in Asia, the safety and security of its users comes first before any other thing, this makes it the people’s choice in 2021. Remember, there are thousands of gambling sites out there providing gaming services, but how many of them can be trusted to stand the test of time? Just a few…

They offer affiliate programs on their website, VIP programs, special promotions, and live streaming at any time – honestly, their services can’t be compared to many gambling platforms out there. On the other hand, website is responsive and easily compatible with any device or browser. Their customer support service is always available round the clock. The varieties of games they provide will make your gaming experience amusing, you can never run out of game choices.

We can go on and on to give you reasons to see why the majority considers BK8 to be the best online casino platform, but, let’s stop here for now…

Is BK8 Safe To Play At?

Absolutely! There is nothing to worry about, your funds and details are 100% secured.

It’s no news that a certain number of risks are associated with online transactions. You can check out their many positive reviews online, their website has a very high reputation. It is absolutely safe to play, they operate with a valid casino license and their website is fully encrypted, so be rest assured that any data you provide is processed and stored safely.

The series of verification processes you undergo as a registered member is proof to show that they takes extra measures to prevent identity theft, cyberattacks or data leak.

Where Can I Register Account?

Registering is simple.

Just simply click on Login or Register here to begin your registration process.

Clicking on ’Join’ leads you to a new page where you have to fill in certain details like; your preferred username, your preferred password, and your Affiliate ID/Referral ID if any.

Simply click on the ’Join now’ button below after filling in these details.

It will lead you to the 2nd step of your registration which is inputting your ’contact details’.

  • Fill in your correct email address.
  • Select your country code.
  • Type in your contact number.
  • Then fill in your full name – please note that it must be the same as your bank name, if not your deposit will be rejected.
  • Click on the ’Register’ button right below after inputting the details above.


Your account is up and running, you now have access to varieties of online casino games.

How Do I Claim The Free Bonus?

There are so many free bonuses available on BK8 waiting for you to claim them. The process of claiming a free bonus is quite easy.

Simply log in to your account.

Click on the drop-down menu and select promotion.

There are different categories of promotions that offer free bonuses like; VIP bonus, New member bonus, special bonus, sportsbook bonus, and the rest of them.

Simply select any promotion of your choice by reading the details and clicking on ’Apply Now’. Follow the given instructions to claim your free bonus.

Robin Van Persie - The International Ambassador Of BK8

In 2020, BK8 took the bold step to sign Robin as their brand ambassador, it wasn’t a bad idea after all. His image has pushed their brand forward beyond imagination, it even went on to change the way people perceive online gambling.

Robin is from the Netherlands, he was an Arsenal player from 2004-2011. Then in 2012, he got signed to Manchester United where he played until 2015.

His image is currently attracting thousands of followers not only from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam but, from other countries across the world.

Robin Van is super excited about partnering with BK8 and they are happy to have him on board, he is looking forward to a successful partnership with them.

Having a major sports representative like Robin Van Persie will engage existing members, and also promote their brand as a premium online gaming platform.


Is BK8 Online Casino Legal?

Yes, of course! BK8 has a valid online gambling license authorised by Curacao Gaming and a legitimate online casino operating in Asia. It is 100% licensed, registered, secure, and safe. We are the most trusted and reliable online casino in the region and have a customer base of more than a million already.

Where can I find more answers to my queries?

Do you more questions that you did not find on this FAQs page? Do not worry. Feel free to send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram page, and our friendly customer team will accommodate all the inquiries you may have at the moment. We are always happy to answer all your concerns.

Is it safe to play in Online Casino?

It is often asked whether mobile online casinos are safe. Take note that mobile and online casinos utilize the same security measures as their desktop counterparts. Hence, they are quite safe. Nonetheless, it is recommended that players should no use public Wi-Fi while playing, as it is more prone to cybercrime.

What is a Welcome Bonus and How can I claim it?

A Welcome Bonus provides exclusive offers from online casinos to get you to play the places that we offer. You will find many games on our platform that have all a deal connected to them. You must open an account to receive it. You will now take advantage of those rewards after registration is completed.